We're pedantic about quality products. We have scoured the globe and are confident we have sourced the best products, backed by great after-sale service, so you can spend more time on your bike.

At Sky Blue Bikes, we only stock products that meet our rigorous quality standards:

  • DESIGN: Is the product well designed, using high-quality construction techniques?
  • RELIABLE: Will it go the distance with you?
  • SERVICEABLE: Is it backed by a warranty? Will you be able to get spare parts and after-sale service, or will you be forced to dump and replace?
  • VALUE: Does it provide high value for the performance it provides?

As much as possible, we have personal relationships with the brands we stock. We prefer family-run businesses and small owner-owned companies that pride themselves in offering the best products backed by great after-sale service.

Why? Because we know first hand that these companies have tighter quality controls, care about the quality of the product and do not compromise.


Marco Bertoletti has been crafting frames for more than 40 years. He hand-builds outstanding bikes in Italy and is a master of his craft.

The launch of Legend by Bertoletti in 2009 paired the highest quality materials and a cornucopia of experience enabling the fledging company to produce some of the world’s best bikes right off the starting line. 

Today, Legend continues to produce world-class frames made from the following trifecta of frame materials: carbon, steel and titanium. However, this isn't a high-volume roboticised factory spitting out a frame off a conveyer belt every few minutes, no-sir-ee-bob — every bike is customised and hand finished by expert craftsmen, right in Italy. There is plenty of effort and sweat going into these artful creations (artful? Yes! Have a look at James' track bike elsewhere on the site).

The result is each frame is a masterpiece in its own right. When you become a Legend owner, you have entered into a relationship with true cycling heritage. It's not just about the sweat off an Italian's brow, there's long-standing traditions at play here, and yes, heart and soul going into every frame. We've met Mr Bertoletti and can attest that he cares deeply about these Bicycle-Beauties that can bring a tear to any cyclist's eye — "Ce Bella!" we weep!

Legend. Aptly named!

Q&A about LEGEND

Has Sky Blue Bikes visited the factory?

Yes, it is an important part of our evaluation process to meet owners and see how the bikes are constructed.

What is the relationship like between SBB and Legend?

Legend feels like family. You may collect your bike from Sky Blue Bikes or, if you fancy, direct from the factory in Presezzo, Italy and meet or possibly ride with Marco himself.

In our experience, we have found Legend to be great problem solvers, and they are always accommodating of our special requests. In fact, all the core staff of SBB owns and rides a Legend.

What’s the after-sales service like?

Legend have excellent customer service and back up all their products with quality care and service.

Bob Parlee and his wife Isabel founded Parlee over a decade ago with one simple goal: “To build the world’s best performing race bikes.”

They achieved that goal and then some. Parlee has been building on its own success for more than 15 years. The maverick frame-builder has eschewed industry trends and opted for finding what works, and further fine-tuning that.

Backed by a great team, Parlee leads the industry in carbon-fibre construction. Effective engineering and efficiency guides design, meaning Parlee bikes push the boundaries of cycling performance and define velocipede perfection. 

Featuring outstanding strength and durability, the company's life-time warranty provides every Parlee owner with confidence in their purchase. Custom and stock sizes are available, with the best back-up service we have ever experienced in the bike industry. 

So whether you want a Time-Trial racer to shatter your personal best TT-time, desire a sharp-cornering criterium cycle, or you’re after an all-day-in-the-saddle-touring-machine — whatever your goals, know that your Parlee will be engineered to perform to the peak of perfection for its intended usage.

Q&A about PARLEE

Has SBB visited the Parlee factory?

Yes, located in Beverley near Boston. Everything is in-house: tube manufacturing, quality control, repair and paint house, warehouse – which gives Parlee great control over the creative and manufacturing process.

What is the relationship like between SBB and Parlee

We've been working with Parlee since the inception of Sky Blue Bikes and have always admired their attention to detail and refusal to compromise on the bikes they produce.

What’s the after-sales service like?

Best ever experienced in the bike industry.

BIORACER Speedwear Clothing

Bioracer is found on the physiques of the world’s best road and cyclocross champions as well as fitting out several national cycling teams.

Made in Belgium yet competitively priced, Bioracer has been a common thread amongst the likes of Tony Martin, Marion Vos, and Philippe Gilbert, in addition to Judith Arndt, Jasper Stuyven, Niels Albert, and Mathieu Van Der Poel... the list extends to many more elite riders, so you'll be in good company attired in Bioracer apparel. 

Sky Blue Bikes stocks a wide range of Bioracer garments, sure, but we also offer premium custom clothing through Bioracer. Ask us about outfitting your team, club or providing cycling-sartorial splendour for your race and special-event participants.

Q&A about BIORACER Speedwear Clothing

What makes BioRacer so special?

In short, it's their technology. We could spend the good part of a morning talking about it, or you can read more about it on their website here:

How do I make sure I get the best fit?

You can come and visit us in store, or you can check out their handy chart here:


Munich-based Roeckl Sports has been a family-run business for more than 170 years. With this wealth of experience and undivided focus on gloves, it has become the bicycle industry’s glove-making specialist. This sort of longevity isn't attained nor maintained by resting on laurels, Roeckl remains a market leader through its commitment to making the best gloves possible.

Access to exclusive materials and processing methods gives Roeckl a tremendous advantage over its competitors, and when matched with its extensive experience and family pride, Roeckl redefines the art of glove making.


What makes Roeckl so special?

Roeckl gloves are not just a bit of fabric with padding. Their gloves are designed to meet a huge number of special requirements, such as protection against pressure and vibration force, ventilation of the upper hand and the palm, excellent grip and control of the handlebar as well as a being comfortable for even the longest of rides. Roeckl have thought about it all, using high-tech materials.

How do I make sure I get the best fit?

You can come and visit us in store, or visit the handy size chart here:

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