Welcome to Sky Blue Bikes! Our aim is to help you get as much enjoyment from cycling as we do, no matter what kind of riding you enjoy. Whether you're touring, racing, commuting, biking for general fitness or just plain ol' having fun, the basic needs of every cyclist remains the same: You want your bike to work properly, to meet your needs and budget. Have a look around the web site, let us know what you think.

Our Services


No job is too big or too small, we
repair and service all brands and all types of bikes from the heavy-duty downhill rig to the time-trial exotic.
We work on regular bikes, too. 

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Bike Fitting

At Sky Blue bikes we provide a fit guarantee. We are so confident in providing a correct fit, that if
we don’t get it right we will change
over the required parts at our
own cost.

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Torq Nutrition

Torq Nutrition gives all types of
riders several options for sports nutrition. Torq comes in the form of Bars, Energy drink mixes, Gels and Recovery drink mixes.

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Featured Products

BioRacer make some amazing cycling and triathlon kit. Best of all, you can enjoy the same technological advances as Professional athletes at a reasonable price.

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